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Hello, I committed a misdeamenor over 4 years ago, and have

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Hello, I committed a misdeamenor over 4 years ago, and have several other misdeameniors, I never fought, because of my poor health of 34 yrs and counting, I have ME or CFIDS I would like to expunge my record of what I can. I think you need 4 years to be abl eto expunge a misdeamor, and I'm low income SSDA so can I do this at a reduced cost? I have 4 years in on one I would really like to expunge..I should of gone to court, and or done commuity service, but didn't know if I could do 2 weeks worth of work in time allowed..anyway my name isXXXXX XX XXXX and have not commited any crimes since i drove a car because my new boy friend was drunk, and it was his car, and he had night blindness, so I drove with a suspended license I won't be abe to expunge that. but the couple others Id really like to phone number is XXXXX PS I had an alias because of a Stalker who has followed me here again..I reported it to sheriff..but I let that go..not the answer..could not get an order of protection from him in Seattle..he is a Hells Angel, and was only a workman I hired..he took allot of drugs in the 60's , and is smart, but crazy in a part of his brain..too long of a story..I just want my record expunged from public as much as possible, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

Here's the expungement law of your state. You need to wait three years to vacate a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor from your record. But unfortunately, one of the conditions of being able to vacate your conviction and then to get it sealed is that you cannot have another conviction thereafter. So it would appear that the only misdemenor you'd be able to remove from your record would be your very last one.

Although there are lawyers who specialize in pardons, expungements and restoration of civil rights, expungement is one area of law that a former offender can do for himself without a lawyer. So if you can't find a low priced attorney in your area and you're comfortable with do it yourself lawyering, go for it!. You can read about this process and how to clear up your record in Washington State here.

If you are unsuccessful, you would have to petition the governor for a pardon. A pardon can also be done without a lawyer, and even though a pardon won't erase your record, your offense(s) would show on your RAPs as being pardoned by the governor, which is evidence that the state's highest political officer believes that you have turned your life around.

I have linked you to the law as to that as well.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you I did look last night..I was very disappointed with the law, because it looks like I will need a governor's pardon? wow..I have no idea how hard to get.. can i have a fire arm for protection from my stalker? if he comes into my home? he does when I'm not home, Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX need to know if this is okay..I thought only felons loose the right..


If the maximum possible sentence for any of your misdemeanors (not what you were sentenced to but the worst case scenario the law allows) was for a year or less, then you don't lose your gun rights UNLESS one of your convictions is for a crime of domestic violence.
To put that more simply, in Washington State, misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors have maximum possible penalties of a year or less. So, if you have no domestic violence convictions, then you still have your state and Federal gun rights and can purchase one to keep in your home for your protection.

Whether you can get a permit for it is another matter. You still have your right to bear arms, but the obtaining of a permit is discretionary with the police.