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What can I do if someone forged my name on my son probation

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What can I do if someone forged my name on my son probation paper?
Hi Jacustomer,

You could report this to your son's probation officer, but it might open up a big can of worms depending upon who did sign it and why you were required to sign it.

Do you know who forged your signature? Why was your signature necessary? Use the reply tab below.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes. My son got in trouble in Texas and he need a place to stay after release.


So the document that was signed gives him permission to live with you? Did he sign it himself? Is he, in fact, living with you? If yes, do you want him to live somewhere else?

I think after you answer the above I'll be able to frame an answer, so please answer each part. I want to make sure exactly what the situation is and why you are concerned.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do not know if he signed it. I have not seen the documents. my concern I have no knowledge of what is expected of me or him.


I can tell you in general what is expected of a probationer, but there are also usually some personal requirements that are specifically tailored to your son's needs and/or background.

He'll be expected to live a law abiding life, to avoid associating with people who have a criminal background, to find a job (or go to school), to keep all of his appointments with his probation officer and to avoid drugs and alcohol. He will need permission from his PO to leave the county. if he changes his residence or his life circumstances (gets engaged, for example) he must immediately notify his PO. He may be subject to random searches and to drug testing.

If he's living with you, your home could be searched, as unfortunately, your rights are abbreviated because he has very few rights at this time.

For specifics, you need to see the actual report and your son should be willing to show you his copy. If he lost it tell him to get another copy from probation and show it to you. Yes, you can contact his probation and ask for a copy of his requirements yourself, but if probation feels that he forged your signature, they will be none too happy with him.
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