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I was caught after getting out of massage parlor.

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I went to massage parlor first time in my life today. I went there of course getting happy ending. However, the lady there try to touch my private part without any protection so I did not have sex. I kept getting massage till time comes. I paid $200, and did not get sex.

After I get out of there police officer pull me to the side and interviewed me.
Did you have sex there? how much did you pay? what is your purpose etc. these were pretty intimidating process.

at the end, they kinda forced me to say I went there for have sex and paid for it.
"if you told us that you had sex in there, you can go home today." this is what they said.

Also I explained them that I did not have sex there since sanitary reason.

officers took my driver's license number, phone number, and my address, and let me go.

They also told me that it was interview for investigation against the massage parlor, and it does not show on my record. They may call me to ask me to talk in the court etc.

Are they going to come arrest me?

or most likely it does not happen?


Thank you for your question. It is impossible for anyone to say for certain what will happen, because no one here knows exactly what you said to the police, and more importantly, what they wrote down. My opinion, however, is that if they believed you had committed a crime, they would have arrested you when you left, not let you go home. Merely wanting to have sex at a massage parlor is not by itself a crime, so it may be that they are in fact trying to get evidence against the business. While they could still arrest you, without probable cause - a reasonable belief that you in fact did pay for sex - I don't think they will arrest you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for the advice.


Most likely, I won't be arrested since they let me go home, right? ( wanna make sure)


Also I would like to know if it will show up in my record. I will be enlisted 3 month later. I don't want any problems. (should have avoid that place from the first place. I know)


Sorry for asking again and again.




Correct, I know, there will not be any type of record that will show up. Only if you had been arrested, would there be a record. Merely taking your name down would not create any type of record.
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