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I need to get a felony expunged. It is from 2008, can you

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I need to get a felony expunged. It is from 2008, can you assist?
Hello Jacustomer,

We can provide you with general information but we are prevented by this site and by our bar associations from actually representing customers. That is, we cannot do your expungement for you.

Please use the reply tab below to tell me what state your felony occurred in and why the court declined to expunge your felony.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am in Columbus, Ohio. The judge just said he would not expunge it. I did not have an attorney, and went to court myself. I work for a bank in mortgages, and have since then , 2008, i have been promoted and use FHA, and FHA is doing another background check. I do not want to loose my job. I had an attorney to represent me for the felony charge, and he said i should not have gotten charged, but i did.

I appreciate your time and any assistance!



Ohio's expungement laws have broadened and the results may be helpful, depending upon why your petition was denied. Under the new expungement law if you have only one felony conviction and no more than one unrelated misdemeanor, you can be eligible to apply for an expungement.

Keep in mind, however, that being eligible to apply does not mean that one automatically gets the expungment. Expungements are discretionary. Be aware that the same judge who denied you last time will be the one to review your application, and that you can likely expect the prosecutor to oppose it, as he almost certainly did last time.

So, although technically an expungement can be done without a lawyer, you went that route and were unsuccessful. There are lawyers who specialize in pardons, expungments and the restoration of rights, and because you are hoping to keep a job here, you'd do better this time around to have a lawyer "package you" for expungement purposes and argue the petition.

You can contact the Ohio Bar Association's Lawyer referral unit to find an expungement lawyer or use a commercial service such as
Zoey_ JD and 4 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate this information, and I have called an attorney, they are charging aprox $2500 to begin, does this sound reasonable, and is there some way to have a reduced cost?

Hi Debora,

The $2,500 is on the high side but it doesn't sound out of line. The only way to beat it would be to do some comparative shopping. Still, if he has success in this area and thinks he can get you what you want and promises to meet your time frame to the extent that he can, that is worth the difference.