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My husband was arrested under warrant of traffic tickets. Its

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My husband was arrested under warrant of traffic tickets. It's 20,000 bail. I don't have control over the corporate funds to bail him out- I checked the and it says no search history. Could this mean he was bailed out already? If not, how do I deal w this-I don't even know where the car got towed. I'm too scared to pay the 2000 something bail bond, is it possible to use my credit card online to bond man and thy can go give the rest at jail and get him? I'm so embarrassed. What kind of lawyer do I even need because they won't tell me the charges. What can I do?
Thank you for your question.

It's possible that the information simply hasn't been updated yet and isn't showing up in the system. You don't say when he was arrested, but it can take hours and hours simply to be booked into the system - and then I cannot say when the OCSD site is updated to reflect bookings. If you know where he is being held, you should be able to contact the jail and find out whether he has been booked in yet and what his status is.

If the bail is $20,000, you can contact a bail bondsman. You will have to pay 10% (generally non-refundable regardless of outcome of the case) and then they will handle the process of doing the paperwork at the jail to have him released and put up the other $18,000. Many do take credit cards, though bondsmen also normally want you to put up some type of security in the event the person they are bonding out does not show up for their court appearance(s). Security can be something like a title to a car or home, for example. In lieu of that, a bondsman may agree to simply take a larger deposit instead of the normal 10%.

This is now a criminal matter, so once your husband is bonded out, he will want to consult with a criminal lawyer. Many criminal lawyers offer free or low cost initial consultations, so there would be little to no cost for him to simply talk to a lawyer, even if he decides not to hire them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He was arrested this afternoon. Do I have to get a lawyer to see him in jail now or talk to a bail guy first. We have the money , as his wife he never let's me touch any of it/ guess now he'll change his mind on that. I just assume his corporation will handle things like this. I really don't want to, can I pay online? Is it common to do all of this online or does this bondsman need to come to my house???
You don't need a lawyer to see your husband in jail, but the earliest you could see him would be after he is booked in and when the jail offers visiting hours. Every jail is different, but normally, that is only certain days and times -you can't just show up, meaning it could be days before you could speak with your husband at the jail. He may be able to call you from the jail during the booking process, however.

You can't pay a bondsman online (or at least I've never seen that) but they don't have to come to your house. Since they will have paperwork they need you to fill out though, they will want you to come to their office locations.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I went online and they denied online payment fior bail, what's this mean? I'm so scared , helpless, and useless. I'm ashamed for not understanding what's going on. Can u tell me if the bail man can appear with the cash they've insisted so I am not subject to mental breakdown? And one more thing-why would the court insist cash only? DOes this validate serious jail time and punishment ?
Not all bonds can be paid online, that's why you may have been denied that option.

It's confusing stuff, I know, and most people are unfamiliar with the system (plus, every jail may have their own procedures and methods of doing things). Are you sure that this is a cash only bond? Cash only means the full amount of the bond, as opposed to just a percentage, would have to be paid to secure release. Sometimes, that will be ordered when for example, a person has missed court and a warrant is issued (e.g., the court believes the person may be a flight risk), or for example, where a person has unpaid fines, the court may apply a portion of the cash bond to outstanding fines. It doesn't mean that a person is going to get serious jail time.

There are some bondsmen who will do all cash bonds and front the money in exchange for a fee. Some bondsmen also have payment plans. Every bail bond agency is not the same -so again, you may have to call more than one to find one that can assist you.

Once you have signed on with a bail bondsman and done any necessary paperwork on your end, they take care of securing the release of your husband (which by the way, can take hours for paperwork of release to be processed, that's not abnormal in any way).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
One more question and thank u so much for your patients w me;)
I don't want to see him , I'm scared and terrified to see him in this light. Do you know of any places that will handle this for me? I mean, I am dependent upon my husband 100%. I can't co sign anything -I have no "job" plus my husband handles everythung. I do not even pay any bills-we have people to do that for us. Do I have any sort of power of attorney in a case like this? Would this be considered an emergency situation, aby leanience where I can argue community property(he did have a stroke this last thanksgiving day- I'm literally physically ill over his rapid behavior problems since the stroke. I feel like I'm going to have nervous breakdown. If I have no way to co sign, can he bail himself out?
The only way to get a power of attorney would be to have him sign something giving you access to the accounts, if you have none. He can post his own bail, but since he has no access to anything inside the jail, he would have to contact either a bondsman from the jail to help him, or someone who does have access to the accounts and can get the money, to assist him.
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