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Zoey_ JD
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Last month I was caught in solitution of prostitution . As

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Last month I was caught in solitution of prostitution . As this is my first time convicted I don't hav any other records. I hav training for cdl next month. I hav court appointment in next month too.i hav hired DA too.he said that case will b dismis on that day .how many can I believe 100%DA. Does court giv me pardon . If the case dismis does the record appear in my record .or court sent me jail or from virginia
Hello Jacustomer,

If the DA has told you that he will be dismissing your case on your court date, then he should do just that. It isn't official, of course, until he's actually done it, but in general DAs keep their word.

No the court can't give you a pardon. Only the governor of Virginia can give pardons, but if the case gets dismissed like it's supposed to be, no pardon is necessary because the governor can't pardon something that isn't a crime.

The arrest and dismissal should appear on your record unless you take affirmative steps to have it expunged. You will want to talk to your lawyer about that, because in general, it's a good thing to do. VA will expunge a first misdemeanor as well, so even if it's not dismissed, eventually you can get this off your record.

A dismissal should not affect your ability to train for a CDL
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What r the way to erase the record
Hello Monarath,

You cannot erase the record until the case is closed. You would have to petition for an expungment. That can be done without a lawyer if you are comfortable with do it yourself law. Here's the form for an expungement on the basis of a dismissal.
Zoey_ JD and 3 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you

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