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Im in the State of Texas. I got home tonight and had a business

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I'm in the State of Texas. I got home tonight and had a business card on my door. It had "PLEASE CALL THIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY" and a local number and a case # XXXXX below it. The seal on the card has The State of Texas Investigations. Is this legit? I do not have a criminal background or past, however have had credit problems in the past. I recently completed bankruptcy protection but worried this may be something serious. I tried calling the number and it rang and rang and a non-descript messaging said the wireless caller wasn't available. This leads me to believe it could be a debt collector from the past, is this legit or not?

Brandon M. : Hello there.
Customer: hello
Brandon M. : Hello, thank you for your question.
Customer: sure
Brandon M. : Does the card list an address?
Customer: no it does not
Brandon M. : Ok, that tells me all I need to know.
Brandon M. : Basically, it's not a representative from any governmental law enforcement office, or even from the Public Defender's office. The card is from a private party. It could be that someone is suing you and wants to serve you with a copy of the complaint and summons. It could be that the person is a private investigator and wants to ask you questions related to a case that has nothing to do with you. But there would ordinarily be no obligation to call the number or interact with the person in any way.
Brandon M. : There might not be any detriment to speaking with the person, but you would expect more of an explanation if you would somehow benefit.
Brandon M. : So that's basically what we can know based on the information. It's a private party and you don't have to respond. Personally, I wouldn't call.
Customer: OK, thanks. I thought that might be the case. I've heard some instances of debt collectors doing this. It is kinda scary to get home and receive a card like this, wondering what it is.
Customer: So basically, I'm under no obligation to contact the number. I don't know of anyone who would be trying to sue me. I wasn't sure if process servers would leave notice like this or not.
Brandon M. : It could certainly be a process server. We really just don't know. I can tell you that when I have someone do something like this, it's because they're getting sued.
Brandon M. : It's intended to be scary. They're trying to scare you into cooperating. That's why it seems consistent with someone serving a lawsuit. But we don't know for certain what the motive is, we just know that it can be ignored.
Brandon M. : Is that helpful?
Customer: Yes, it has been helpful. Thank you.
Brandon M. : Great. Did you have any other question?
Customer: No I do not. Thanks for your help.
Brandon M. : Great. I wish you the best.
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