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Experience:  Admitted to NYS Criminal defense bar in 1989. Extensive arraignment, hearing, trial experience.
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a couple have been extorting large sums of money from me for

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a couple have been extorting large sums of money from me for nearly 2 years every time i give them money they say they will never need it again ,but always they come back so far nearly 250000.00 and they want more they threaten to lie and tell my job i have stolen which is not true but my job means too much to me this couple have served jail time for drug sale charges among others

You tried solving this your way, and this is precisely why people who are being extorted have to go to the police.

If their allegations are untrue and they do tell your boss you would then be able to document that you are the complainant on a criminal charge (and you can sue them civilly as well for that matter) and that their claims are retaliatory and have no substance.

There is no other answer. What they are doing is a crime and it is a felony and it will go on for the rest of your life or until your money runs out. If you are worried about being charged with a crime from these people's bogus accusations, then you get yourself a lawyer and let him report their crime directly to the prosecutor and try to broker an immunity deal for you.
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