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should my daughter take probation or go to trial for a possession

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should my daughter take probation or go to trial for a possession of marijuana? she also had the choice to drop it to use of marijuana and 500.00 fine and loose her license.

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Criminal Law litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.
Kirk Adams : That's a tough call because if she goes to trial, she may be hit with a larger penalty than what the plea offer is.
Kirk Adams : These choices really boil down to the evidence the state has against her.
Kirk Adams : If there is solid proof to establish she did what they are claiming, then it may be a bad move to go to trial.
Kirk Adams : However. If the case is circumstantial, then it may be worth the risk.
Customer: She is worried that the probation is going to interfere with her job if she has to do random drug testing. The police officer looked into her purse and seen a very tiny roach (witch I am sure doesn't matter) I think the probation is the best too, how long does probation usually last and what does it in tale.
Kirk Adams : Sure, I understand that, but probation and random drug tests may be better than what happens if she goes to trial = = as jail time is a possibility.
Kirk Adams : Probation usually lasts 6-12 months, and generally just involves checking in with a supervisor on a routine basis - - not daily, but probably weekly - -, staying clean and out of trouble, and basically doing what the probation officer asks. IT's usually not that much of an inconvenience on the person.
Customer: Does she have to go to her court hearing to let them know she has decided to take probation or can she call and let them know? They said she could change her mind. She was by herself and took the court date. :(
Kirk Adams : Yes, she'll have to go to court and announce to the judge what her decision is.
Customer: Ok thank you for your time.
Kirk Adams : No problem.
Kirk Adams : Please let me know if you have anymore questions.
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