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I went over seas and had my cousin claim my benefits while

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I went over seas and had my cousin claim my benefits while i was away. I used my card over and over again my coutnry. anyways i got caught and now i have no idea how to go about not incriminating mysels??
Hi Jacustomer,

What sort of benefits did you apply for while away? How did you know you got caught? Did you get a letter? What did it say?

What US state are we talking about here?

Use the reply tab below to let me know the answers to the above, so that I can get the information easily and begin work on your question as soon as possible.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was my weekly unemployment benefits. I was using my unemployment debit card while I was in ecuador. I currently reside in the state on N.Y.

While I was in ecuador my weekly unemplyment was cutoff but in the mean time I had my cousin filing my unemployment back in the states while i was gone. Now i recieved a letter asking why did claim for unemolyment while i was gone and who claimed my benefits online while I was over seas?

What do I do at this point??


Hello Luis,

DId unemployment tell you that there would be a hearing? Is the word "fraud" anywhere on the letter you got.

You are certainly not required to incriminate yourself. What I can't tell from what you've relayed is whether unemployment is just fishing for information, or if they intend to build a case against you. Although I cannot see the letter, and it's not wise to post it on a public website, if they are talking about a hearing and if the word "fraud" is mentioned somewhere on that letter, you need to take it seriously. You need to get hold of a lawyer and let him do any talking necessary to get you out of this. Perhaps there's some way this can be couched as a mistake.

More often than not these cases are not prosecuted as an intentional fraud might be difficult to prove. Here, there apparently has not even been an over payment. But it can't be ignored either. The only way you can deal with this without incriminating yourself is to let a lawyer represent you in the matter. Otherwise, if you don't respond to the letter, Unemployment will substitute its own version of what they think happened for yours, which may mean turning your matter over to the DA, which could potentially end your military career before it ever really got off of the ground.
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