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my husband has been charged with an indecent act in ontario.

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my husband has been charged with an indecent act in ontario. no minors were involved. he is unbelievably remorseful, has a clean record, my support, and will be going for counselling. he has a court date in a month. what options do we have. is it possible to plea bargain with crown attorney. we absolutely don't want jail time, and we want to avoid a record if possible. what possibilities are there for him.

Yes, it is possible to get plea arrangements with crown counsel. If there is no prior record, it may be possible to get a discharge, which means there is no criminal record entered. That may be made conditional to his completing some probation, such as community service or counselling. Whether he can get this will depend on what happened, his age, employment, level of remorse, and why this offence occurred. Other possible sentences could be probation, or a fine, both of which would involve a criminal record. Jail is possible, but before a court ordered that they would consider a conditional sentence, which is basically like house arrest. Those would only happen if the circumstances were more serious. It is a good idea to ask for disclosure now, being all police statements, or witness statements on the file, so you know exactly what the allegations are and what a judge will hear on any guilty plea. He does not need to decide on any plea until he has that disclosure and time to review it with a lawyer if he chooses.
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