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my boyfriend has a warrant in Milwaulkee. His ex girlfriend

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my boyfriend has a warrant in Milwaulkee. His ex girlfriend was mad at him and beat him and she took off then called the police and reported that he harmed her. she told my boy friend days later that she did dropped the warrant but the state picked it it. she has no evidence that he harmed her but he has proof that she beat him up (bruises on his arms). after that they still meet and spend time together. She told his mom that she will not show up for the hearing because she lied about it. This happen last summer. what will happen now. should we look for an attorney?
Hello Jacustomer,

Criminal cases can have lifetime consequences, so to maximize damage control, your boyfriend should get himself a lawyer. The only way to get a warrant vacated is to have him -- and/or a lawyer on his behalf -- come before the judge that issued the warrant in the first place and ask him to lift the warrant. But if he were to do that by himself, the judge could decide to put him in jail for having wrongfully fled the jurisdication of the court in the first place.

A lawyer could reach out to the complainant/ex and verify to the court that she has said she does not intend to pursue the case and that in fact they have worked out their differences and remain in contact with each other. What the judge may not give a lot of credit to when said by a defendant, he will regard differently when said by a lawyer, because a lawyer is an officer of the court.

Do not assume that just because the ex is not planning on cooperating that your boyfriend doesn't have to do anything. If there's a warrant out there, he is at risk, because the case will not go forward until he is found and comes to court.

If the warrant has already been lifted, he will need a lawyer to try to get this case dismissed for him at the earliest possible time or, if that proves to be impossible, to get the least harmful disposition possible under the facts and circumstances of the case.

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