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Hi, i was caught shoplifting, $175, Im not a citizen but have

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Hi, i was caught shoplifting, $175, I'm not a citizen but have my residence card. i paid the ticket that the store sent me, which was $175. i am more worried about my record or background. Any suggestions, please help

AttyCBradford :

Hello! I am sorry to hear about the situation that you are in and would be glad to provide some insight and assistance on how to handle it.

AttyCBradford :
In order to naturalize, an applicant must show a period of good moral character prior to submission of the application. The courts have held that good moral character means character which measures up to the standards of average citizens of the community in which the applicant resides. Although, clearly this is a debatable issue, as some might argue that naturalization applicants are actually held to a higher standard than that of society

Any conduct or acts which offend the accepted moral character standards of the community in which the applicant resides should be considered, without regard to whether the applicant has been arrested or convicted. For instance, a conviction for domestic violence. An applicant who commits and is convicted of or admits to committing one or more crimes involving moral turpitude during the statutory period cannot establish good moral character and is ineligible for naturalization.

The only exception applies if the applicant has committed only one crime classifiable as a petty offense. Therefore, your conviction might be explainable and excusable. However, it does show that you don't have a pure good moral character in your recent past. I would suggest speaking to a criminal defense attorney to see if the charge can be pled to something else as an offer from the District Attorney and also consult with a local immigration attorney


AttyCBradford :

i am not sure i understand! Naturalization? my question was about shoplifting...


i would like to know if there is a possibility to stay away from a criminal record since what i did was pure stupidity and this is not something i intend to repeat ever again

AttyCBradford :

I am sorry I misunderstood I thought you were asking about the effect this would have on your immigration status as it could end in deportation given your non-citizenship status. As for the criminal record were you officially charged? If not and it was just a restitution fine then there is no criminal background issue

AttyCBradford :

if you were charged in court you will need to plead not guilty and attempt to argue that it should be pled down to a lesser charge or for you to be placed on DA probation in which the end result is a termination and dismissal of the case

AttyCBradford :
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