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My husband just confessed to me that he been stolen quite a

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My husband just confessed to me that he been stolen quite a lot money from his work place. I am currently in deep shock, I have no job with two young children and my husband income is main source of our household income. His employment did not find out yet but sooner or later they will. I'm desperate in advice to what should we do now at this point? We will ask to borrow the money from our relatives and willing pay back the employer the stolen money and ask them for forgiveness and to see if they willing to not file any criminal charges but what if the employer still want to process charge and since this is my husband first offense with clean background what likelihood that he can avoid jail time?

Thank you for the information and your question. Can you tell me approximately how much money your husband took from his employer and generally how he did that? Is this a small employer or large one? Does he have a special position of trust with the company, for example CFO or someone in charge of a lot of funds?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He took roughly $150K, he created fake invoices under suppliers name then input the invoices in system then generate check payments but revised the checks to his name instead of the supplier names. This is a small Inc. company around 15 employees and his title with this company is one man show accounting personnel.

Hello again,

Thank you for the additional information. I was hoping that you would tell me that the amount was a few thousand dollars. This is very serious, as you no doubt already know. This would be, of course, a felony charge of grand theft by embezzlement and because of his position it does make this all the more serious. Although it is possible that your husband might avoid jail time, especially if his attorney can negotiate a plea that includes restitution, it isn't a given. But again, it is possible.

I can't give him legal advice since this Site and my Bar Association would not allow me to since we cannot form an attorney-client relationship, but I would highly recommend that he find a local criminal defense attorney right now to consult with to come up with a plan how to resolve this issue. Most likely they will advise him to hold tight until the theft is discovered. But, if the circumstances are right, especially since this is a small employer, he might be able to approach them with money in hand to pay the theft off before they discover it, in an effort to avoid the employer filing charges. That though is a decision he should make after speaking with his attorney.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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