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Hi..Im not a bad person but failed to reply to a jury duty

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Hi..I'm not a bad person but failed to reply to a jury duty summons..5 months went by and I received a card today in the mail failure to respond to jury summons. I live in Beverly Hills, Ca and they wanted me to go to Inglewood, Ca. It's rather far and I don't drive.
Can they seriously fine/or jail me if I don't answer this warning card I just received?
I'm nervous now!
Thank you
David Wall

I am an attorney with more than 25 years experience. I will provide your information today and look forward to assisting you.

The card you have says they want you to now serve in that county?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, the card just says to call


I apologize for the delay in this answer. But I had it all type out and there was an inadvertent OPT OUT on your end. Thank you for your patience.

The answer is I suggest you do not want to ignore this notice. Yes, they can and will fine you up to $1500 for your failing to appear for your jury service. However, this notice should be a chance for you to tell the clerk why you did not appear or adhere to the court's request that you be a juror.

If they want to have you sit then I suggest you will need to do that. Generally, the only reason that is considered Good Cause to not perform this civil duty is a financial hardship or health reasons

So I suggest you call the clerk and talk to them and find out what you need to do so that you are not fined.

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