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I feel like I am being investigated for something that someone

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I feel like I am being investigated for something that someone is alleging happened over 20 years ago, when I was a minor. I'm in the state of Virginia, what is the probablility that I will get questioned by the police or that an investigation is going on about me?

Thelawman2 :

If the thing happened over 20 years ago, then most likely the statute of limitations has passed and criminal charges could no longer be brought


In Virginia, there is no statute of limitation for criminal charges, and a bill was passed last year that allows civil charges filed from victims within 20 years of the commencement of legal age here, which is 18. I feel that a guy that I just recently broke up with is trying to get me in trouble and say I maybe molested a child when I was 12. I have not been charged with anything, but I am being set up to solicit a minor through email. Help! I'm a swf, I work very hard, and I am trying to regain my momentum after divorce.

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