But that does not mean you have no recourse. If your application is denied, you can appeal the denial (usuaing a lawyer familiar with these matters is strongly recommended) . It may be possible to receive a restricted or probationary license can often be issued as a result of a stipulated settlement or a fair hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The restricted license is ordinarily for three years, sometimes reducible mid-term to two years. Many health-care institutions are prohibited by their liability carriers from hiring or retaining employees with probationary or restricted licenses, meaning it could be hard to find a job during this time. After two or three years, if you have no subsequent disciplinary or criminal issues, a full unrestricted license can be issued.

My suggestion would be if you are thinking of going into nursing, you speak with a criminal defense lawyer (many offer free or low cost consultations) about getting your record expunged and applying for a nursing license after graduation.