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on 3/21/12 my son was put on a year probation for a small

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on 3/21/12 my son was put on a year probation for a small fight he was in at school and was to be finished with probation on 3/21/13 he has complied with the rules of his probation

now as of 3/19/13 his probation officer is revoking his probation because of a ticket receved possession of a dangerous weapon witch he had brass knuckle in his pocket but it was his belt buckle that broke a few minutes before he was stoped he went to court on this matter and showed them it was belt buckle they droped it to disturbing the peace

right after he got this ticket he call his pro officer and told her she said its ok thanks for calling her and to make sure she recived a copy of ticket

also he is being revoked for him not keeping up with his attendance and grades witch he clearly has proof that he has keep good grades all year also she knows that my son is on iep (individualized education program) its for the kids that are a little slower than the rest and he has sezures and is on meds so im not understanding this reason and he is a senior this year and is on track to graduate 2013

i am taking my son to his mandatory hearing on the probation revoke tomarow she waited entell 2 day befor his year was done do you have any advice for me or some kind of direction to going about this matter tomarow in court

Thank you for choosing Just Answer. I am sorry to hear of your situation.


You need to be prepared for the hearing. It would be useful to get a document from the school indicating his satisfactory attendance and grades. This should be on the school letterhead and from the principal if possible. If the school has already printed the graduation ceremony programs with your son's name on it this would also be useful to bring with you to the school.


With respect to disturbing the peace since your son plead to the charge you may have some difficulty getting around this. You need to be prepared to discuss what happened and how your son was involved. You will need to show he was not a willing participant, or somehow was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

whats your thoughts on this i did write a letter stating facts on grades and what hapend with the ticket and he is taken the letter to school and having his teachers read and if agree they will sign at bottom i also email the few teachers that his grade went down but came back up with and they emailed me back that his grade has came back up and said tell him to keep up the good work i printed them and will take to court with me is this what your talkin about ?? and thank you for helping me its tough im a single father raisen 3 teens

The letters from the teachers will probably have much more weight, then your letter. You should make sure that the documents also include a staement that the attendance as school has been as required. If your son is set for graduation the court can infer that his grades are satisfactory. A statement from the principal indicating your son is on track graduate would be very helpful.


You should keep in mind that the judge may not accept the documents since they do not reflect an official school record. However, you can still indiocate that you nhave statements from the teachers indicating your son's grades are satisfactory.


One other point is that as a non attorney you cannot represent your son in these proceedings. You can only offer testimoney or statements on your son's behalf.




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