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I was Arrested under DUI, I hired an Excellent Attorney he

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I was Arrested under DUI, I hired an Excellent Attorney he told me not to attend the Arraignment and he told me that charges are dropped.I have an Arraignment Scheduled tomorrow do i still need to attend as my attorney saying no need to attend since city attorney is not filing charges.But i am scared?What if charges are filed??Can I attend Court tomorrow and if so how can i make sure charges are dropped? I don't want to Screw Up as my attorney made all the charges dropped but i don't want to get in trouble with law again.

Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Criminal Law litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

You certainly have a right to rely on what your attorney has told you, and if he says don't worry about going to court, then you should be fine if you listen to him. HOWEVER, there's nothing wrong with you going to court tomorrow and just sitting there to see if they call your case up or not. If the matter has been dropped/no charges filed, then your case won't be called up.

If you go, you'll probably just sit there the entire time, but if you want to make sure it's over, then you certainly have the right to appear and see what happens.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your reply,

If i go court tomorrow can i check my name on court calendar?If it's not there can i come back and not sitting there?For how many hours i have to sit there.

Yes, you can check the docket and see if your case is on there - - if your name isn't on there, you can go home; if it is there, then you can just sit in court and see if they call it up (don't be alarmed if your name is XXXXX XXXXX there through because sometimes the docket is printed days before court). If you decide to stay, it will probably last at least half the day.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where Exactly the docket will be located?Is it going to be in a court room??I don't want to talk with any one because i don't want to mess up..Actually i don't want to go court just in case i don't want to get warrant or some thing

Yes, the docket will be in the courtroom. The clerk of court usually has copies and you can just get a copy OR look at the clerk's docket sheet.

You can ask to see the docket without drawing any attention to yourself.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a lot.Once I rated you,how can i delete this Question. Because i have a great attorney i don't want some one to see this.

Actually i am On Visa which scared me to attend the court.

No problem - glad to help.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have last Question, What if i don't attend court?

If what your attorney has told you is correct, then nothing should happen. If you were supposed to be there and aren't, then the judge will likely issue a bench warrant for you.

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