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I am looking to write a letter for my boyfriend to his judge.

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I am looking to write a letter for my boyfriend to his judge. He has picked up a violation of probation because he got rearrested on another domestic violence charge. The charges were dropped because he hadnt done anything wrong but he has now picked up a violation. He will be going before the judge again soon. He is trying to clear this up and has not picked up a warrant yet. I want the judge to know all of the arrest have been because of my neighbors and the fact that I have Lupus. My neighbors did not understand this and would call the cops when they heard my being sick thinking he was beating me. They even called the cops on my mother one time for the same thing. The cops would put words in my mouth and have me write statements that I dont even recall because of my illness. I just want to help him out as I dont want him railroaded on this violation charge. What can I put in this letter that would help him? He is not a crimminal and not a beater so please help. Thank you

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Is he working? How long does he have left on his probation? Is he complaint with all other terms and conditions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He has a Chef position at a prominent resort that he is in the process of applying for. He has postponed his interview because of this matter at the moment. He has been compliant with all of his probation and it was on the condition of him finishing his batterers classes. He only has 14 remaining and they have agreed to take him back. He has been arrested one time before this for the same thing but that was also dropped and the judge reinstated. Again this is the neighbors calling the cops and the cops being frustrated at being called back out. I have never once called the police on him. I have since moved.


Thank you

I suggest that you want to keep the letter as concise as possible

You can begin it

To The Honorable Court

I am writing to letter to tell you about (his name) the man I have known since (whatever year) in hope that you will consider the person he is and be lenient in your judgment

Then I suggest you put all of what you just told me in this paragraph such as (His name) has been on probation since (year). He has been compliant with his terms and conditions. He has a possible job waiting with (name of company)

This incident where he was wrongfully charge was an error and my neighbors jumped to conclusions because I suffer from Lupus and they were concerned needlessly. The Lupus causes me such pain that at times I scream out. Additionally, I need (his name) with me to help care for me in this regard.

(His name) is a trying very hard to finish up the 14 remaining months on probation and I hope to help and be that guiding light in this direction.

I am asking this Honorable Court to please have mercy and show leniency in this matter

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