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18 year old got citation for Drug paraphernalia and minor alcohol

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18 year old got citation for Drug paraphernalia and minor alcohol possession at the local city in Texas. Do he need a legal representation ? No prior issues other than traffic probation.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer. I would like to assist you with your question today.

Starting out your adult life with convictions related to drugs and alcohol can impact a person's future employment opportunities. In many cases like you your son's an experienced criminal attorney will know what options are available in your local jurisdiction such as diversion or deferred prosecution.

Also the attorney will know what the policies the prosecutor and judge have with respect to reducing or dismissing such charges.

Also Texas Trans. Code §521.372 requires and automatic license suspension upon a conviction of drug paraphernalia.

person's driver's license is automatically suspended on final
conviction of:
(1) an offense under the Controlled Substances Act;
(2) a drug offense; or
(3) a felony under Chapter 481, Health and Safety
Code, that is not a drug offense.
(b) The department may not issue a driver's license to a
person convicted of an offense specified in Subsection (a) who, on
the date of the conviction, did not hold a driver's license.
(c) Except as provided by Section 521.374(b), the period of
suspension under this section is the 180 days after the date of a
final conviction, and the period of license denial is the 180 days
after the date the person applies to the department for
reinstatement or issuance of a driver's license.

Drug paraphernalia offenses are listed in the Controlled Substances Act. Many cases do not result license suspension. Your son will want to know if his licenses is going to be suspended prior to resolving his case. A local attorney will be able to tell him if the local court will report the conviction and how it will impact his license.

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