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my friend was convicted as sex predator under age 14 years

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my friend was convicted as sex predator
under age 14 years 18 years ago.
I see his information on megan's law.
He told me he did not do any sexual
predator 18 years ago, but he dealt with drug. since he did not want to go to jail
and lose his job, he was asked to pick drug or sex predator. He picked sex predator. I am not sure if this is true. He is asking me out but I am not sure if I can trust him on this.
Thank you for your question. I apologize for your long wait - we had some temporary site issues earlier that caused us problems in being able to respond to customers right away.

In answer to your question, I'm afraid your friend is not being honest with you. The law doesn't work in such a manner that a person is offered a choice between unrelated charges, such as a drug charge or sex offense. A prosecutor can offer to reduce or drop a charge (for example, reduce a person's charge of possession with intent to distribute to simple possession in exchange for a guilty plea) but not a completely unrelated charge for which a person has not committed any crime.

Furthermore, what your friend is telling you doesn't make sense, as I think you strongly suspect. If he didn't want to lose his job, any conviction could theoretically put him at risk of that. Why would a person choose to plead guilty to a sexual offense that would require them to register on a sex offender registry and have significant restrictions?

I think your friend is likely embarrassed by his past and does not want to tell you, and therefore is making excuses, but what he is saying is not correct. By the way, criminal cases are public record, so if you know what county he was charged in, you could actually go to the Clerk of Court and ask to see the file for yourself.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for your response. I have been educated.

I believed what he said and was wondering if there are such things

that person can have choices.


We talked about living together and stared looking for a place.

But he can not live in certain area and I asked him to check with

lawyer if laws for offender have changed. He said he would check with

his lawyer who knows about this case. but I did not get straight answer.

All he said was this lawyer is semi-retired and dealing with death case

and is far from his office and he was just waiting for his call back.


We haven't got response. He may not be honest about it either.


But, I think he can check with other lawyers to find out about his restriction. I was wondering what makes it so hard to find out.


I would like to find out about the truth. He was arrested in Maryland.

MD 18 years ago. Can I get it check? without letting anyone know

and cause problems?


or you can check?


Please advise.










I cannot check for you, and without knowing the specifics of his case I cannot comment on what types of restrictions he may or may not have. However, you are correct that he doesn't need to necessarily ask his lawyer - he can set up a consultation with any criminal defense lawyer in Maryland (many offer free or low cost consultations) who can review the case with him and determine if he has any options. He should be able to do a phone consultation.

Court cases are also public record, meaning you or anyone else could contact the Clerk of Court in the county where he was convicted and ask about the case. I don't know since you live out of state whether they can copy the file for you if you agree to pay for the copy charges -but it is worth asking them. Given that the case is so old, chances are it may be in storage too, so it may be something that they have to have pulled from their archives before they can answer your questions.