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I have a 19 yr. mentally retarded child taken off specialed

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I have a 19 yr. mentally retarded child taken off specialed school bus without my knowledge or school knowledge. I do have power of attorney for him. He has what in laymans terms is considered a half of a heart,meaning there is a fontane shunt implanted in his heart if you have heard of this shunt there are not alot of kids that have lived to his age. He is not recieving all his FDA prescription medicine. His medicine is not a classified narcotic. I am in fear of his mentall needs and his medical needs. I am just terrified that my child is going to die this facility has current law suits because some inmates did not recieve there medical needs meet.

First, thank you for requesting me to assist you with this scenario

I am sorry to hear of this problem

So your son was arrested right off the school bus?

What is he charged with, please?

What information can I provide for you?

Remember, I can only give true and correct information for questions your ask

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First sorry was offline when you replied to my question. Yes he was taken off of the schoolbus. I don't know his charges.


Maybe I need to start with a little info about my child. He is 19 yrs. is mildly retarted(7yrs.old to about 9yrs.old). He is also a heart patient.

In laymans terms he has half a heart. Within the first four years of his life he had surgery to place what is called a fontan shunt in his heart so it can pump oxygenated blood thru his heart and therefor he is alive and living a life. He has no progrnosis as to how long his shunt will funtion,meaning if the shunt malfunctions he will die. Medication helps maintain his heart function. He is ADHD and takes medication and has theryapy for mental disability and ADHD.


Spring of 2012 He and playmate were playing together. At that time we as a family saw some typical curiosity of physical anatomy. I contacted his mental health dr. and the mother of the other child contacted his mental health dr. My child dr. has to report this situation as required by law. The dr. immediately explained to the investigator she was in the process of getting him in a program for the situation that had just happened and would provide him with progrss updates. The investigator stated if all persons involved would come in and talk to him. There would be no charges and he was in agreement with what the dr. was doing for my child. We did as the investigator asked. End results was my child was arrested for sexual asault and sexual abuse. I managed to bond him out of jail and got in the counceling program,testing as dicussed with the investigator. I also hired a lawyer for his defense,pleaed not guilty. His lawyer did what ever lawyers do about a case to go to court. I knew his case would be in court in the near future. I was very confident this case would be resolved my child innocent of charges and he would continues his counceling program whatever he needed to do.


He goes to school in another county to meet his educational per No Child left Behind. When the special ed. school bus arrived at another school to pickup more students a deputy took him off the bus and arressted him. I don't know what hes been charged with.


What I want to know what can I do so he can get all of his medicines as ordered per doctors orders and if his shunt malfunction his has to be transported by lifefight to Childrens Hospital in Atlanta. There are few kids his age living with the fontan shunt this is where all emergency and anything about his heart and otherbody organs(kidney,liver,ect.)are treated. When I asked about then giving him his ADHD meds. I am told we can't give him that medicine,he asked someone to help him fill out his visitors list he was told he had to fill it out no one can help him,he needs help making his shopping list,how much money he has on account and how much money he has spent and how much more he needs for his account so he can buy socks,underware,ect. I apoplogize if this seems so trivial,his medical needs must be taken care of.








I suggest the you tell his attorney he needs assistance with this - and have the attorney visit and help him fill these things out. Most times, the attorney will have an assistant who can go for them and get these things done.

As to the medications - I suggest you also have his attorney contact the medical center within the facility and have your son evaluated and they will dispense his medication to him as his doctors have prescribed.

None of this can be done without you having an local attorney for your son.

I think I have answered all your questions; however, if not, please let me know.

Remember, I can only answer and provide true and correct information for what you ask.

Otherwise, please rate this service below Good to Excellent so that I may get credit for my time and information. Thank You and good luck with everything

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