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Experience:  Admitted to NYS Criminal defense bar in 1989. Extensive arraignment, hearing, trial experience.
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I am a first time offender.The Prosecutor and my Lawyer made

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I am a first time offender.The Prosecutor and my Lawyer made a
deal for me to plea to a lesser charge reducing the charge to a
misdemeanor. How can I get this first time record expunged. This
happened two years ago. Help Neville
Hi Jacustomer,

Expungements used to be very tough in Tennessee. Since July and the passing of a new law, however, certain low level Tennessee felonies and some misdemenors have finally become expungeable. You can see the list of nonexpungeable misdemeanor offenses here. If your charge is not on that list, then you would be eligible for an expungement, othewise not.

If you find that your offense is expungeable, however, you would have to wait 5 years from the completion of your sentence, unfortunately, before you would be eligible to apply for the expungement. So unforunately, you cannot do this for another three years.

Should you not be eligible, the only way you could minimize the effect of this conviction would be to obtain a pardon from the Governor. That would not erase your conviction but it would show on your record as having been pardoned which is still proof that the state's highest official believes that you have turned your life around.. You can read more about that here, and there is also an application form.

Neither of these processes requires a lawyer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, you mentioned that I can view the list beow to see if I qualify for the Expungent law, but there is no list.can you forward one to me. Thanks

Hi Neville,

That's really strange because the link works for me here. There's a list of eligible felonies. Most misdemeanors are eligible, but under the felony list is a list of the only misdemeanors that are NOT eligible.

Try this link:

Hopefully that will do it.
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