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i have a class C felony for forgery 1, the conviction data

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i have a class C felony for forgery 1, the conviction data is 2/21/1997 from Lane County, OR. Someone told me that these types of felonies only stay in the court records for 14 years? i am looking at purchasing a firearm but afraid that this might come up. can i get arrested for felony attempting to purchase firearm? i am in wyoming now and is where i was going to purchase a rifle. i attempted an espongement on this in 2009 but failed becuase i had a DUI in 2001 in Colorado. i went on and they show the conviction and arrest date for this forgery count but doesn't list as felony status. and some traffice tickets on there, no dui from colorado in 2001 though? i have 3 questions:

-does these lower level Class C felonies dissappear out of court records after 14 years?
- will i be arrested on the spot if i try to purchase a firearm if this shows up?
-can i apply for espongement again since i my last arrest was more than 10 years ago?

Hello Jacustomer,

1) The NICS check is made from the FBI data base and will go all the way back and reveal your felony. The data base will have more information than what you found on "beenverified" as your site is not an official one.

2) No. While it's possible, you are unlikely to be arrested on the spot, but you will be told in no uncertain terms that you cannot purchase a weapon.

3) Yes, you can reapply for expungement and see whether you will get a different result if you've been out of difficulty for ten years. You can also get your gun rights back if you get a pardon from the governor, so you might as well do that too. It's free and you don't need a lawyer to get it done.

Here's the information that will tell you more about that.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you very much, i have done the expungement process before so i know what to do there. as for gun rights, the expungement process by itself isn't enough allow to clear this? so since the offense occured in oregon, but i now live in wyoming. do i need to get a pardon from the governors office in oregon or wyoming?

Hi Eric,

It's the governor of the state where the conviction occurred who must pardon you. It doesn't matter where you livve now. It's where the crime took place, that counts.
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