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RobertJDFL, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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So somebody took a picture of a female friend of mine and she

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So somebody took a picture of a female friend of mine and she was passed out drunk and she was Naked and one of them. Unfortunately I was also passed out in the same room she was and have no recollection of anything that happened that evening. There were also a few other people in the house besides me Somehow These photos got up on Facebook and were hacked into my profile and placed into my profile without my knowledge now there is a police investigation and the fingers being pointed at me when I had nothing to do with it. I am on probation and I cannot afford a lawyer and I also do not want to talk to the police. I talk to a lawyer who was able to communicate with the detective and the detective assured him that there was no warrant for my arrest however it doesn't seem like they had any evidence. After the lawyer told me he cannot go further without some kind of money exchange I decided to talk to the detective very briefly and I tried to point him in the direction of the hacker because this hacker person has been harassing me for the past two years. I communicated with the detective over the phone only and I forward him the numbers associated with the harassment and I sent him an email with screenshots of the harassing text messages and phone numbers. I asked the detectives if he had any evidence or if he had these pictures himself and he would not respond to that question What should I do I really don't want to talk to the police. I already told the detective I will not speak to him any further without an attorney.
Thank you for your question.

You are not under any obligation to speak to the police about this matter or answer any of their questions. In fact, it is generally within a person's best interest not to do so. Many people think that if they cooperate with the police that the matter will go away, but this is not normally the case.

If the detectice or another officer contacts you again, politely tell them that you have nothing additional to say to them and will not be answering any questions or giving a statement at this time. Make sure to say nothing else to them and not to give them anything in writing.

At this point, that is all you can do while they investigate. There's really nothing a lawyer could do for you right now. If you should be arrested, again, make no statement to the police, and do not put anything in writing. Demand to speak to a lawyer before talking.

If you need follow-up information, please use the reply button to continue our conversation.
RobertJDFL, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
Satisfied Customers: 13670
Experience: Experienced in multiple areas of the law.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the police came to my house with a search warrent, took my phone, laptop and hard drive. Ur advice cost me $4000 for an attorney. thanks!!

With all due respect, I understand you are angry, but my advice is not what cost you money for an attorney. What cost you money for an attorney is the fact that by your own admission, you were passed out, and someone took pictures of your female friend naked and drunk and posted them on your Facebook page.

Regardless of what I told you, I cannot (nor can anyone) prevent the police from investigating, which is exactly what is happening now. I stand by my advice - that you are never under an obligation to answer questions from the police and that it is in your best interest not to. Furthermore, I also stand by my advice that until you are arrested for a crime, there is nothing a lawyer can do for you.

As the police have decided to investigate, since you were hacked, then in many ways, this investigation is not a bad thing - a search of your hard drive and laptop can hopefully discover evidence of that and prove that you were not involved.
Qualified as an expert in Criminal Law,30 years of Criminal Defense trial work. Dear Customer, This attorneys advice was correct, so correct that the only reason the warrant issued, is because you were not following that advice, which unfortunately you did not have at that time. I say this, as without all your statements to the detective on the phone,there would have been no probable cause for the issuance of a warrant for your home. Thus I fail to see how his advice of not to speak caused this to happen, when in reality it was the failure to do at an earlier time what he suggested,that caused the warrant to issue. Good luck, and I am glad to see that you have retained counsel! I am sure he also has instructed you not to speak to the police. Sincerely, Steve