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I am trying to de-register as a sex offender in colorado-offense

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I am trying to de-register as a sex offender in colorado-offense occured in 1994-I had court appointed attorney in 1994 and he advised me to please to two counts. there were no childen involved-accussations made against me as I was a mental health worker for the state. Colorado is telling me that ont one count can qualify to de-register, since I had two counts my question is will I ever be able to de-register? I have been off probation since 2000, model citizen, and want to petition again-but the nuber of counts is disqualifying me. Any advice? I tried an attorney before two years ago-how do I find out if the rules have changed without spending the money again for an attorney?
Hello Jacustomer,

Public defenders must work with this issue all the time. If all you want is a yes or no answer as to whether the law has liberalized to allow you to deregister with two convictions, you should be able to just call the public defender's office and ask. Generally, a public defender's office would have an intake person available in order to deal with walk-ins and phone calls of this sort. You should be able to get a quick free answer.
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