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I ordered medicine through the mail and realized after it was

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I ordered medicine through the mail and realized after it was sent that it came from India. It passed through customs but I am afraid if I accept it I could get in trouble. Thinking maybe they are waiting for me to accept then come after me? It was from a verified pharmacy but now I am worried. What should I do?

AttyCBradford :

If it goes through US customs and is sent to your house, then you are fine. If you knowingly ordered something that has an illegal product and not allowed in the US then you will be in trouble. But it sounds like you ordered something that is legal?

AttyCBradford :

I had ordered birthcontrol and that is it. Nothing else.

AttyCBradford :

Then you are fine! Birth control is allowed in the United States. If you choose to fill it at a pharmacy that is outside of the united states then that is your choice. However, there is no guarantee that you did in fact receive what you ordered

AttyCBradford :
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