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My roommate crashed my car and when I talked to the cop I was

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My roommate crashed my car and when I talked to the cop I was so scared so I told them that I did it but really it was my roommate. I want to get the charges changed from me to them but was wondering one will I get into trouble for basically lying to the cops and two can I get the charges changed ?
Thanks for the chance to assist on this matter. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience in criminal law.

It is a crime in Georgia to provide false information to the police. So you could be prosecuted for lying to the police...but that is likely not the main problem you face.

The problem you have at this point is that you, in effect, confessed to this.

You can contact the police and tell them you were scared and should have said your roommate was the driver, but I suspect that would not have any impact on the charges you face. And it would allow the police to charge you with lying to the police.

Now that the police have a confession, they can prosecute you even if you change your story.

And the insurance company can use that statement to attempt to collect from you or from the insurance on the car.

At this point it is likely out of your least as far as the charges go.

Now...if this goes to court the state has to prove you committed the crime. If it was not you, but your roommate, then you can present this evidence at trial and may be able to achieve an acquittal.

But you would want to work with your attorney to accomplish this.

BotXXXXX XXXXXne: you are correct, it is a crime to provide false information to the police. So if you go to the police and try and change your story they could prosecute for that. It may be better at this point to wait and let the police try and prove this case at trial...if they can not, you will not be convicted.

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