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Steps to Have Someone Arrested? I believe that I have been

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Steps to Have Someone Arrested?

I believe that I have been defrauded by the owner of a business.

Would I go to the City Police Dept or County Sheriff's Dept?

I would fill out a form, I assume, stating what happened. Would I need to bring evidence and/or witnesses with me THEN, or at the person's trial?

And, does the police/sheriff decide if the person should be arrested, and what criteria do they go by?

What about a crime that is prosecuted by the D.A., such as Perjury? How are the steps different with an indictment crime?

Thank You
Hi and welcome,

My suggestion is this. Usually the police are involved with crimes like assault, burglary, robbery, etc. I would take the facts of your case directly to the D.A.'s office. I suspect they have a separate frauds division which is uniquely qualified to handle cases like yours. If they feel there is a case...enough evidence against the person you suspect, the evidence will be presented to the grand jury. If the grand jury delivers what we call a TRUE BILL (an indictment) the person will be arrested.


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