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I would like to know if i have any criminal charges pending?

jennifer XXXXXXXX

orange / seminole counties


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Q) I would like to know if I have any criminal charges pending?

Not that I can find. There is one record for a "Jenny Mayfield", date of birth August 1977, from last year. It appears to be a traffic case from September 2011 for improper tags, failure to carry insurance, and failure to carry registration.

However, public databases only carry records that have been filed with the court. If you (or anyone) are wanted by the police but the charges have not officially been filed with the court, nothing would not show up on any public database.

The police are the only people who know whether a person has an arrest warrant which has not been served. They won't tell you over the phone if you have a warrant out against you, you have to go to the police station and ask them to run a warrant check on you. If there is a warrant you'd then be arrested. This is why the never tell people about warrants over the phone and don't put it in public databases; if that information were public, people could more easily evade capture.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My apologies on the delayed response. Happy holidays

No worries. Thanks so much. Happy holidays to you!


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