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My son (38 yrs old) was charged w/2 counts of molestation or

Customer Question

My son (38 yrs old) was charged w/2 counts of molestation or taking indecent liberties w/2 young girls. I understand that he was following the girls around town one evening trying to take their pictures. The parents reported him and he was picked up on his way home. His camera was confiscated, then his computer and some other things including pictures that he had drawn. I have no idea of the extent of his crime ranges but understand that he may have had pictures on his computer of children that he found on-line. He has other legal past and needs help.

He went to court when first picked up in May and has not been back to court since and has no idea when he will be released. He has been given a State appointed attorney which he rarely sees. He has a $20,000 bond that I unable to pay but may consider it if it will help some how in his defense. The biggest problem is that he had not worked and is homeless so he has no where to go when discharged from jail other than the streets or to my house, about 300 miles away.

I am unsure whether coming to my house upon discharge is his best option. I have been a single parent for the past 22 yrs and currently work. I would give it further consideration if I had a clearer understanding of what he is facing. Please help.

I was wondering if it would be to his advantage to select another attorney, one that will really get in there and review the situation on his behalf.?.? Would it be better if he was bailed out before considering another attorney? What sort of costs are we talking about for hiring a private attorney? Please advise. Thank you. Gneeda Hopkins
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 4 years ago.

If you are not comfortable with the level of representation he is receiving, you may want to meet with an attorney or two to see if they might be able to do more for him. It may just be that the case is not progressing through the court system at this point and there's not much for the court-appointed attorney to do yet. But a private attorney may be able to give you a different outlook. There's no way to estimate how much it would cost, because it depends on the severity and number of charges, as well as whether it looks like the case will result in a plea or a trial. It also varies from region to region. If you need help finding an attorney in the area where he is charged, you can use a directory like to find a criminal defense attorney there. Many will meet with you initially for free, and can give you an idea of what they would do and how much they will cost. The more information you can get about the case (specific charges, where his case is exactly in the pre-trial process) will help you get the best answer possible from a potential attorney. At that point, you can make a judgment about whether you want to hire private counsel or stick with the public defender. Bailing him out would mean that he would be able to attend an initial consultation, because an attorney is not usually going to visit a jail on a free consultation, but if you aren't able to bail him out you could still try to meet with the lawyer yourself.

You may also consider having your son send a letter to his appointed attorney specifically directing her to discuss the procedural aspects of the case with you (she will obviously want to avoid getting into specifics so she does not break attorney-client confidentiality, but with his express written permission, she could tell you what the charges are and where they are in the case...whether he has been indicted, arraigned, etc.). This can also give you an idea of the attorney's performance. Because if the case is still being investigated, then there's not much the attorney is able to do yet. If he has been indicted, then the attorney will know specifically what he is charged with and some of the evidence against him, which will allow her to investigate and to prepare for trial or try to work out a plea. Otherwise, she might not be able to do anything because she doesn't yet know what he is facing.

But in your situation, it doesn't hurt to explore options by finding a couple of criminal lawyers that will do a free initial consultation. Having all the information will allow you and your son to make a more informed decision. Whether you bail him out or not is up to won't really affect his case any. It just determines where he will wait for the case to move through the system.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I am so concerned over the amount of time that he is being held w/out being sentenced and feel completely helpless. Thank you for your guidance and understanding. Possibly he has been in more communication w/his attorney than I am aware of. Our communication has been strained. Have a good holiday and many thanks. Gneeda

Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 4 years ago.
A lot of it depends on how far along his case is. He would not have been sentenced if he hasn't been convicted or pleaded guilty. He may be awaiting charging or trial at this point. The attorney has more or less to do depending on the phase. If you find out more information and want to ask a follow up question you can do so here. In the meantime please rate my service so I get credit for my answer. Good luck!