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My son and his friend were recently staying in a motel room

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My son and his friend were recently staying in a motel room in Nashville when the manager and security guard accessed their room while they were gone claiming they needed more information that wasn't requested at the time of check in. Upon my son and his friend returning they discovered there Ipods missing. Manager and guard even showed them the video footage of them accessing and admitted they went in. They did call the police. Where do we go from here?

dkennedy :


dkennedy :

This is strictly a theft and should be reported to the Nashville police as well as the owner of the hotel. But, it is a theft and must be treated as such. You should have your son and his friend file complaints with the Nashville Police Depart and can get the forms by mail or send a statement of complaint written out. They need to mention dates, times and all the details.

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