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I had a Chihuahua for 11 years (I have the papers), I boarded

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I had a Chihuahua for 11 years (I have the papers), I boarded the dog with this woman & she ended up selling it!!
I met this woman a few years back that sold me a Blue Persian. Some time after that we put a deposit on another dog and she never got back with us for a long time and we figured we would let it go (since it was for our little daughter and thought it might be best to wait) The woman ended up calling us and telling us she was in the hospital and that her brother sold all of her animals and apologized profusely (we immediately forgave her).
We wanted to help get her back on her feet so when she got a new apartment after staying with her son, we gave her our Pablo to 1) Watch 2) Get a female to breed with 3) Keep her company. We also gave her close to $550 to get started and pay for food for dog, shots for animals etc..
A bit of time went by and I know she "goes off deep end" and doesnt return calls or texts so I told her when she is better to please let me come by and see MY DOG. No response so I waited weeks longer (this is over course for 2-3 months recently)
She then has the nerve to try and get my fiance to fix her car, he told her he cant right now and asked her about the dog which she said was fine and finally she called me and explained that it is "at her friends house" because she got sick AGAIN. BotXXXXX XXXXXne she was going to go get him (never did ofcourse)I text her nicely and said I would have to look into this legally if I did not hear back from her (I am by no means a pest). She then calls me a week later and tells me to "stop harassing her, she is an old lady and she is very sick and to leave her alone"
I KNOW she is on SSI and she has NO MONEY but to take my dog SELL it lie to me about it--then take my money then accuse ME of harassing her????
What can I do? Please advise

dkennedy :

Hello, and thanks for coming to us with your question. Your dog is considered property and she stole the property. You need to fill out a complaint at the police department for the theft of your dog.

dkennedy :

You could go through small claims court, but never get paid. If she is charged with theft, part of the sentence will be that she repays you for the price of the dog.

dkennedy :

Please ask any follow up questions you might have.

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