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does my concealed carry permit issued by the state of New Hampshire

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does my concealed carry permit issued by the state of New Hampshire allow me to legaly carry concealed in the state of south dakota?
Are you moving to SD or are you just visiting?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

visiting for 11 days

Ok, then as long as you have a valid NH conceal and carry, SD will recognize it to the same extent as NH. They don't have reciprocity with NH at this point, but they do recognize nonresident permits. So you are good to go.
South Dakota Codified Laws
23-7-7.4. Nonresident permit to carry concealed pistol--Validity in South Dakota
--Application. Any valid permit to carry a concealed pistol, issued to a nonresident of South Dakota, is valid in South Dakota according to the terms of its issuance in the state of its issue, but only to the extent that the terms of issuance comply with any appropriate South Dakota statute or promulgated rule. However, if the holder of such a nonresident permit to carry a concealed pistol becomes, at any time, a legal resident of South Dakota, the provisions of this section no longer apply.






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