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How do you find who someones parole officer is? I am having

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How do you find who someone's parole officer is? I am having trouble with a guy who stole from me, committed assault and battery and is now out of prison and is now coming by my house trying to get in touch with me. I want to tell his parole officer what's going on. This guy was even writing me letters every day from prison for awhile. He's a drug dealer and I want nothing to do with him, as I fear once he starts using again, if he hasn't already, he'll become desperate for money and I fear for my safety.

What protective measures can I take, since a restraining order is not really relevant or helpful in my case, as it is not a domestic situation. Can I have the parole officer advise him to stop bothering me?

I had an off-duty police officer working with my try calling CA's parole board and he said they gave him a runaround, something about not knowing which division he was in. But I have now provided him with this guy's booking number while in prison, so I can't imagine they wouldn't be able to find him. Double checking here first.


I would suggest contacting the Victim's Services Division of the Department of Corrections. They work with victims of crime and they are part of the same system that the Parole Board is, so they should be able to help you get in touch with the parole officer:

It is a good idea to keep a log of dates, times, and methods of contact. It is possible that the behavior may amount to stalking and/or harassment, and you can make a police report. It is useful to have this information when doing so.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Victim Services? I never "registered" on their frequency I'm afraid, as it seems he was serving for a different crime and the crimes for which I was a victim were just swept under a carpet I'm afraid. I was never even kept apprised that he was released.

If I call the parole board I want to know how. This isn't a very complete or accurate answer, I would like to know how to contact his parole officer, as I asked, and how to seek protection.

This is a critical matter and I would appreciate a more thorough and careful response. Thank you
Sorry, your phrasing made it sound like he was serving time for a case involving you as a victim. If it had been, a call to victim's services would have taken care of the issue, so I believed it was in fact a complete answer.

Rather than contacting the Parole Board, it is usually faster to contact the parole office itself. A parolee is usually assigned to an office in the city where he lives, so if you have an idea of where he is staying it should narrow it down:

That is the route prosecutors usually take when they are trying to track down a parolee or probationer, rather than trying to go through the prison system. You can try calling the office of the parole board, too, but the regional offices are usually more responsive. They are not under any obligation to disclose the information, but given the nature of your situation they may be more inclined to put you in touch with his officer.

You may also qualify for a civil harassment restraining order. It is similar to a protective order but does not require the kind of domestic relationship that a protective order does. You have to prove that the person's conduct rises to the legal level of harassment. This law outlines the requirements and the procedure:

It can be filed in your local Superior Court.
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