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I recently got arrested for a dui in NC while visiting. I

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I recently got arrested for a dui in NC while visiting. I currently live in Florida. Luckily I did not get my license suspended in FL, I am awaiting the court date in NC. I heard that GA does not participate in the State to State reporting for driving privileges. Is this true? Meaning, if I did get convicted in NC could I obtain a license in GA and be able to drive? Also, is there any states other than GA that do not participate in the exchange of DL information?
Hi Jacustomer,

It used to be true that you could, but in the age of the computer the loophole got closed.

Georgia is a non-compact state. So it would not be affirmatively notified of your suspension by the Interstate Compact Administrator. But your conviction and suspension would be in the national database, and every state must give full faith and credit to another county's suspension.

In order to get a license in Georgia -- quite apart from having to establish residency in Georgia -- you will be required to turn in your FL license, and you will be asked on the application form if you've ever had your license revoked or suspended. If you say yes and give the details, you will not get a license with an suspension. If you say no, they would run this through the national data base, and that's perjury. Ditto if you try to say you never had a license before. Many state use photo recognition software that identifies people who have prior licenses to prevent things like this.

So, even though Georgia doesn't participate in the exchange doesn't mean it won't have access to your full record. The other non-compact states are Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Michigan.
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