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KimberlyLaw, Attorney and Real Estate Broker
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Over 13 years of experience practicing law.
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16 yr old charged with fleeing a officer in MN . He said he

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16 yr old charged with fleeing a officer in MN . He said he didn't see him. What's going to happen?
Hello, I am happy to assist you today.

Well, in this situation it is going to depend entirely on what happened BEFORE he fled, and his credibility in telling his story that he didn't see him. If something criminal may have taken place prior, then his story is less believable. If he was minding his own business and just didn't see the cop, he should tell the truth and hope that it is enough to get him off.

The public defender is fine, unless you can afford to hire another lawyer. This is a very minor offense and if his story is true then hopefully it will be resolved quickly and without penalty.

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KimberlyLaw, Attorney and Real Estate Broker
Category: Criminal Law
Satisfied Customers: 4219
Experience: Over 13 years of experience practicing law.
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Hello Jacustomer,

In Minnesota, Fleeing an Officer is not a very minor offense. It happens to be a felony charge, and has a maximum penalty of three years of prison. See link.

Fortunately, your son is still a juvenile and this is not the sort of offense that will likely get transferred to adult court, but he very much needs a lawyer. If you can afford one, he should have a private lawyer, because he would not be eligible for a free one. If you cannot, many public defenders are excellent lawyers. All will know the worth and weight of this case from seeing the court papers and hearing from your son, and should be able to handle the matter more than competently. If the public defender does not seem to be doing his or her job, you can contact his supervisor and that should help. If it doesn't, the judge will generally make one change of appointed counsel if there's a problem between a defendant and his client, if the defendant asks for a new one.