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I got a speeding ticket today in Ohio, Im from IL. It was

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I got a speeding ticket today in Ohio, I'm from IL. It was a work zone 50mph but no workers present, no flashing lights, just a work zone. It was heading into a divided highway and the woman in the left hand lane swerved in front of me and cut me off and was swerving because she was doing her hair in the visor window. So I sped around her wanting to get distance between myself and her since we were going into a cramped area and she wasn't paying attention. The cop caught me doing 73 in a 50 because i was speeding away from her. When he pulled me over he was in a shoulder area and standing outside his car, he didn't ask me any questions just told me what I was going and wrote a ticket, he also pulled over someone else while he was dealing with me. Do I have any recourse? Should I hire someone or what should I do to preserve my license and insurance?

AttyCBradford :

Illinois unlike a lot of other states, recognizes out of state traffic violations. Illinois will receive a report of your conviction and mark it on your driving record. Illinois doesn't utilize a points system in the traditional sense applied in other states, but a conviction may affect your insurance rates, and potentially can affect your driving privileges if you have other convictions either now or in the near future for traffic violations. I highly recommend retaining counsel in the state where you received the ticket for help. They may be able to do a great deal for you.


You should consider fighting the ticket. It sounds like there are some potential issues in your case, for instance, how did he effectively write two tickets at once, observe both defendants violate the law and adequately make a proper assessment of the situation. Hire an attorney and fight it


Best of luck. If I have answered all your questions please press accept and provide positive feedback, if not, and you have additional questions then please ask and I will respond promptly.


Thank you so much!


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