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What do you do if a police officer threatens and intimidates

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What do you do if a police officer threatens and intimidates you into sighing a "blank" report then creates a damanging false police report that causes you to be chared with crimes you never committed? How do you get justice in such a slanted system?
Dear JACUSTOMER - Your attorney should file a motion to suppress the police report due to the misdeeds of the officer. At this time your objective needs to be to defend yourself from these false charges and not worry about suing the cops. There's plenty of time later for that but right now the most important thing is to get the police report thrown out. I'm not certain of the circumstances leading up to your arrest or why the officer would have done what he did but this is wrong and violates your Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination. You should not discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your prompt response and advice. Note that I was never arrested, which should be strange to the officer that supervising officer who reviewed and signed off on the report, which he should have thought the report was one sided and "perfect" for the officer and should have questions if all is true, why would I not be arrested??. This officer also called my place of employment based on these lies, because if this I am now being looked at "differently". This is not right! Yes I want to focus on the pending court case, but there is so much more going on. Do you have any other suggestings?. I will keep the specifics of my case just between me and my attorney. Thx.

I'm not certain why you would have ever even talked to the cops which you have no duty to do but there's no way I can offer any other suggestions since the first order of business is to get the police report thrown out as evidence. If there was no arrest I would assume that would be a good reason why there should not have been a police report. There's only so much I can do from this website since I'm not permitted to give specific legal advice or represent clients. If you are represented by counsel then your attorney should know exactly what needs to be filed to get the police report thrown out.
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