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Is there a limit to how long federal law prevents me from owning

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Is there a limit to how long federal law prevents me from owning a firearm. According to what you just told me in the state of missourri i can buy a firearm. But i was undeer the impression that federal law prohimited a convicted felon from owning a fireare forever? Is that so?

Bobfitzm :

This an Indefinite ban . US code states explicitly that a felon is prohibited from possessing a firearm. section 18

If you receive a pardon from the Attorney General in Missouri, then section 18 ceases to apply.

Thank You


ok my next question is can i run for us senate or us house of representative with my felony conviction. The the same for state can i run for state office with my felony conviction?

Bobfitzm :

Thank You for your patience

I am sorry to inform you that your right to run for public office has also been removed,unlike your voting rights which will be reinstated,your right to run for public office is a permanent exclusion.

If you were to get a State pardon ypu would be entitled to run for public office in Missouri.

However under Federal law, ypou will not be permitted to run for either the Senate or House of Representatives.

If you are concerned about this, I think your best avenue to take would be to contact the AG's office in your State.

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