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My wife wants to file charges against me for identity theft.

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My wife wants to file charges against me for identity theft. She claims I didn't tell her or she didn't know about credit I opened on her behalf. She did because she gave me her social and info. I took care of all the Finances at home. She never paid rent or any of the house bills. I paid the down payment on her lease, paid her gas, insurance, and car payments for the four years we have been married. In mid-2010 and into 2011 we got into some financial trouble. I lost my car and she stops working at her paralegal job and I was the only bread winner at home for almost 5 months until she started working. She said she was having depression and started seeing mental health professionals. I help her find them thru my insurance. So in this whole ordeal I ask to use her credit for ChecknGo loans, 3 credit cards, a dell computer account, and a tire plus account. With the financial trouble she stop paying her capital one, Victoria secret, macy's and jcpenny and I stop paying mines and the one I opened on her behalf. I have since paid all the charge offs on her credit file. Negotiated with them and paid close to $7000 leaving her with no debt. Also, back in November 2011 I paid $99 a month to Lexington law to help fix her credit and her credit has gone up from a vantage score of 527 on Aug 2011 to 690 as of Oct 2012. I can't believe she is doing this. What can I do? I haven't done anything wrong I paid all her debt in good conscience and this is how she wants to treat me. This all comes because she claims that when she went to turn in her lease this past Saturday before is due on April 2013 they turn her down for new lease base on her poor credit. Volkswagen Credit claims her score where Equifax 554 Experian 575 and Transunion 547. I went to Equifax and Transunion to check and Equifax says she has 570 not 554 which by their standers says its Fair credit and Transunion says she has a 574 not 547. Also, as I mention her Vantage score has gone up from a vantage score of 527 on Aug 2011 to 690 as of Oct 2012. I have proof of all the $7000 payments of debt on her behalf and print screens of her credit as it stand today. Please help.

She's just doing this to try to get an edge in divorce negotiations by making you into a defendant on a criminal case, which she thinks will cause the judge to see you as something less deserving than you are.

Frankly, though, she probably won't be able to do it, The police will listen to her for a bit, just long enough to hear that you were lawfully married through all of this and are now in litigation, and they will send her away and tell her to deal with this in family court.

I can't guarantee you that, of course, but that's how I've always seen these kinds of claims under these kinds of circumstances play out. As a criminal case, this is a loser and DAs don't like to waste the public's time and the county's money defending against something they can't win. The average jury will see this for what it is, which would mean that they won't convict.

Look for a divorce lawyer and have as little to do with her as possible right now. Don't let her push your buttons and don't give her any new ammuniton to go to the police. If all she has is what you've said above, like I have already said, she's likely to get absolutely nowhere with it.
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