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Back in 1974 I was convicted of manslaughter in Spokane , Wash.

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Back in 1974 I was convicted of manslaughter in Spokane , Wash. and served about 10 months in jail. I now live in St Louis, MO. Can I vote and buy own firearms?

Good Day ,

I am a US Attorney and I'll be answering your question today.

Are you interested in applying for expungement or sealing of your records ?

Or are you interested in obtaining a Certificate of good conduct ?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm intreased in what would restore my rights, such as expungement. If thats possible? Something that would get the offence off my record. and allow me to vote and own gun.

You are not currently eligible for expungement or sealing. You may apply for a state pardon. Here is the link

You should also think about applying for a CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT

Felons cannot posess firearms for a minimum of five years after conviction in Missouri and are prohibited also under Federal Law.

your voting rates will be restored after completion or parol/probation

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