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Legal-Guru, Criminal Justice Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Experienced Criminal Trial Attorney since 1998.
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Hi there, I would like to set up my question with an overview

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Hi there, I would like to set up my question with an overview of all the elements involved to help with your response.

It’s a question about being charged with solicitation of prostitution.

First off ,I am an escort on a website where you have to agree to be a "member" of the website through a basic disclaimer to be able to communicate with me.

Two, the only interaction I have with potential clients are through "Private Messages" on the site. NOT through TEXT MESSAGES, NOT SPEAKING OVER THE PHONE or any other means of communication, just through these private messages where I admit to EXPLICITLY discussing sex for money, my prices and the sexual acts I will perform during our meeting.

The reason I feel comfortable speaking about these things through the “Private Messages” called PM’s is because on this website all the Males (Johns) and the Women (Escorts) all have a thing called a NETWORK attached to their profile. So basically, after a John and Escort meet and successfully has SEX they put each other in each others NEWORK so verify that they BOTH are NOT COPS for number one, (and there are other attributes you comment on in the network like Karma, personality, ya da ya da)

BUT the most important thing is verifying that you both have MET in person.

I personally have about 30 guys I have met up with then subsequently put in my network, and I in theirs. Other escorts on the site may have as many as 100! Its just like a spiders web of who slept with who. The network allows you to see any escort the john has claimed to have seen, and if the GIRL has HIM in her network ALSO, it PROVES they have met in most cases.

My question is this,

Personally, In order for me to meet up with a guy on this site I must send him a PM. That’s when I Message him and offer sex for money with all the trimmings.

Oh yea, and don’t forget that he comes to me as I am INCALL ONLY meaning he comes to my place, NEVER ME TO HIS.

Still, let’s say the cop tricks me and he arrives and try's to arrest me on solicitation. Now Remember, I personally WONT see a guy who has less that 3 prostitutes in his network, and she has to be well known on the site also.( A ‘Big Wig’ in the whore world you could say!) With LOTS of guys in her network. But let’s just say, for some reason this cop slips over and arrest me for solicitation.

My question is concerning my DEFENSE after the fact.

One: Because it is a "Private Website" and we communicate through private messages only (PM’s), could they use these typed conversations as evidence?

Two: if so, HOW CAN THEY PROVE I TYPED THEM? Because of course, I would deny that I typed them.

(important) Three: Because I ONLY see men with "Big Wig" whores in their network, and the fact that he has women in his network PERIOD proves entrapment on the part of the police Because I will NOT see men without less than three well known girls in their network, So that means that the only way they could even attempt to trick me is to open up several e-mail accounts and fake women’s profiles. Also pay a cash fee to be released to speak to me in a PM!

So A Lot of planning on their part, sounds like entrapment to me!

Sure men try and contact me for sex with NO GIRLS in their network and I SIMPLY WILL NOT RESPOND. But just the fact that they have several "sex workers" in their network is misleading me!

So please answer:
1. They have to join a Private club to speak with me. (Entrapment)
2. Having NO OUTSIDE evidence. i.e. Text messages, phone conversations and e-mails. (lack of evidence on their part)
3. Creating multiple accounts and building a fake network just to mislead me into meeting (entrapment)

All these things look like a NO NO for their case, right or wrong?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

-Female Sex Worker in L.A. :-)
Entrapment is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the law. In order for something to be entrapment you have to show that law enforcement convinced or coerced you to do something that you were not otherwise willing or pre-disposed to do.

To answer your specific questions:

1. Using deception to join a private network is not entrapment. The prosecution can use these PM's so long as they were legally obtained.

2. The solicitation can occur through a PM just as easily as it could be done in person, over the phone, etc. As far as proving you sent them, that is a technical question. I would have to guess as to how they specifically intend to tie you to these, but I would think you have a username that may be tied to a name and/or an email address. Also, IP addresses are logged which could link it to your computer, cell phone, iPad, etc.

3. Deceit by law enforcement is legal. It is not entrapment unless you can show they convinced you to do something you were not predisposed to do.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. But one more thing...

In your professional opinion


"What would be the best way

to avoid a charge of solicitation of prostitution?"


I googled legal guru and it seems ( from your website) that you guys are not experts in criminal law and this is a criminal law question.


I an reasonably pleased with the answer above, BUT if you could tell me WORD for WORD how to avoid a solicitation charge all together that will be beneficial.


Specifically, after I PM a potential client my "menu" of sex and quote him a price. Should I type something to the effect of


"The 200 dollars is NOT for the sexual things mentioned above, the 200 bucks is for my company as I am Not a prostitute"


And "If there be sex, it was just of my own free will"


Would that work?


Honestly I don't know if you morally you agree or disagree with my profession BUT I am paying for a favorable answer.


So basically, in your professional opinion "How do I NOT get caught with solicitation!"


If you just give it to me straight, I will rate you entirely with HAPPY faces and be VERY satisfied with your answer, thanks!

(1) I have exclusively practiced criminal law since 1998 (except for in 2000-2001 I practiced medical malpractice defense for about a year) and have tried around 100 criminal trials. "Legal-Guru" is just my screen name here. I am not associated with any website that Google may have pulled up.

(2) I don't have any moral issues with your chosen career. I'm not a judgmental type person. There are lots of good (and bad) people in any given profession.

(3) I'm sorry, but it would be a violation of the Rules of Professional Responsibility for Attorneys for me (or any attorney) to advice a person on how to get away with or not get caught committing a crime. There is a distinction on advising someone about their defenses to a past crime and facilitating a future crime. To do so would subject me (or any other attorney) to discipline by the bar association.

If you need any further explanation regarding your original questions, I will do my best to do so. I wish you the best.
Legal-Guru and 3 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I apologize for mistaking the Law Guru's website for you.


Also, an attorneys job is to advise their client on how to NOT

run afoul concerning legal matters, so for you to tell me what NOT to

say should be the very least the an attorney I hired should do!


This is my first time trying this site and the 30 bucks is just enough money to lose to convince me to go to a local criminal attorney in Van Nuys, Ca and spend 200 bucks for an hour of REAL information that would actually PREVENT me from getting arrested!


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX that the info was OK, but help with a disclaimer or discussing what NOT to say to get arrested is what I am looking for and am willing to pay more for.


Thank you! I will rate accordingly...