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What can legally happen to an adult male when a 14 year old girl pursues him on a dating

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What can legally happen to an adult male when a 14 year old girl pursues him on a dating service for adults on the internet and she acts like she is older and experienced and pressures the male to meet her. Then he gives in to meet her after numerous months, almost a year of pressure and persuence on HER part. He finally agrees to meet her to find out it is an undercover operation on line. The young male has never had a history dating or searching for young women/under age women. He has only had an affair with 2 adult women with the adult on line dating service. He was apprehended at meeting site. He had condoms in wallet. The condoms can not be evidence because that does not mean he would of had sex with her if he saw she was really 14 or 15? None of this can be proven? The mind cannot be read as to what he actually would have done after seeing she w He was charged on 4 offenses ... he met bail. Has court dates and a lawyer, will these be dropped he never had sex with her


If he can prove that this was ongoing for a year and that she portrayed herself to be an adult and never once said she was a minor, then the charges should be dismissed.

If, however, there is evidence via on line communication transcripts that she told him her age and he continued corresponding with him and did not report her as underage to the website administrators then the charges may be pursed and depending on what they are, the could be jail time.

Do you know what the charges are that he faces?

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Thank you.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I hear there were 6 charged all relating to attempted sex with a minor. I do not know the specifics ...they told me but i did not write it down. Just today I heard that she finally told her age at one point. This does not prove just because a year of friendship would have lead to actual sex because they finally met? I hear 2 of three charges may be 6 yrs in prison for attempt. This cannot be proven, ust because you meet up it is not 100 perecent fact he would of had sex with her. Would this be like "attempted" statutory rape... because of the fact if they did plan it would of definitely been consentual. Is there any way they will drop the charges as he had no history and was set up? Is there any hope????????