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If someone is on probation, is there any alternative to contacting

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If someone is on probation, is there any alternative to contacting probation if they want to go to out of stay just for the day? I just learned that it is considered a violation if the person leaves even for one hour without notifying the probation officer. What if a person has a sick relative in New York that needs help immediately? How could a person have anticipated that?

Hello Jacustomer,

Probation has specific rules. There is no alternative but to follow them. Anything else could lead to a violation. There are EMS workers that can take a sick relative to the hospital and probably other family members as well.

I'm not intending to sound cruel; that's just the reality of life on probation. Don't forget that probation is essentially a suspended sentence and this person's liberty completely depends upon whether he can follow a set of specific rules.

If this person gets into any trouble while out of state, he gets violated not just for the trouble he got into but for leaving the state in violation of probation's rules. Then he can spend some time in jail, which will be much less pleasant and where he cannot help his sick relative either.

He can call his probation officer and leave a message about having an emergency to tend to but it will result in a technical violation unless this is something that he can document officially as very serious, maybe even life-threatening and which absolutely requires his attendance, and, of course, that he didn't spend a minute in the City not ministering to the needs of the relative who needs his help.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I understand what you are saying completely. I am not questioning any of it. I am simply saying that it is very difficult to know what those rules are. I have no problem obeying speed limits because I see the signs up when I am driving. What are the rules of probation in New Jersey? Once a person knows what the rules are, then it is simply being responsible to follow them.

Hi Alan,

The probationer should have something in writing from probation, which is the contract to which, initially he has to adhere. Where speed limits apply to everybody, probation's rules are not since people land there for offenses that differ. Certain things like leaving the state or the country are standard probation requirements pretty much everywhere, but probation makes the rules and modifies them as needs arise based on what they are observing about the probationer . So there really isn't a list.
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