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i was charged with a felony completed my probation and was

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i was charged with a felony completed my probation and was lowered to a high court misdemeanor arrest not conviction in michigan. under mcl 771.1 can i own a gun-purchase a gun?


If you can recall, was it an actual probation? Or did the court impose conditions that had to be followed and completed before the consideration would be given to reduce the felony?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

it was probation 12months which i got off in 10 because i did everything asked of me. it shows up as an arrest but not a conviction. but the original charge was a felony


If there is no conviction, then yes, you can purchase, own a firearm. The question on the application pertains to convictions and it will ask, have you ever been convicted of a Felony to which you can honestly answer no.

It may also ask if you have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor that carried a potential sentence of MORE than one year, and on that one you can also honestly answer NO. Because again, there is no conviction.

Arrests are not findings of guilt. They are only going on convictions.

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