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I have been victimized for years by people who are unknown to me. The

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I have been victimized for years by people who are unknown to me. They stalk me day and night. They enter my house through either the
closed garage door or through the locked front
door with a pick-lock device. They have caused
thousands of dollars worth of damage to my house, inside and out. The police will do nothing on my behalf. What should I do?


I am sorry to hear your are suffering this situation. Please tell me what the Police have said as to why they will not assist?

Has there been any injury to you?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No injury to me because i never see the people who are harassing me.

The cops said that I caused the damge to my house, and they wrote

no report of a burglary, etc.


Interesting. I am sorry to hear of this situation. The only way you will be able to get the police to write a report and help you is to put video cameras up around and in your home.

With the cameras recording that it is other persons coming in and doing destruction, the police will have to write a report, investigate and find out who has been victimizing you.

Those cameras can be installed by yourself or through a local surveillance company

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