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Hello FranL. Well I pleaded Guilty in my case. I had to or

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Hello FranL. Well I pleaded Guilty in my case. I had to or it would have went to Trial. If it would have I think they would have found me Not Guilty because of the evidence the Police found. But I didn't want the Videos of my Wife shown to the people of the Jury or my Attorney ect...So I pleaded Guilty. I got 15 weekends in Jail. Friday Night to Sunday Night. Only a 48 hours period. Plus 24 months probation and $2800.00 in fines. Is there a chance that I could spend less time in Jail for Good Behavior?
Hi Jacustomer,

In the end you can only drag a case out so long before you either have to take a favorable deal or to risk trial. Penalty doesn't sound so bad broken up over weekends and really, you would turn yourself in Friday night and they would probably release you in the afternoon on Sundays. It could be a lot worse.

One or two of my clients have told me that some people in jail tried to put pressure on them to bring contraband into the jail, in their comings and goings into the outside world. Just a friendly reminder not to do that, as getting caught would add time to your sentence. If there is a big problem in that area, let your lawyer know.

As far as time off your sentence goes, even though you are only doing weekends, since your offense was non-violent you should get what they call "good time". In Illinois that looks like you get one day off for every day served. A day equals 12 hours or more in jail. (See link) Given that, your sentence should run out well before the 15 weekends do, as you should end up with two days of credit per weekend.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks FranL for your quick reply. I don't do drugs. Never have. My Lawyer told me the same thing. People have tried to bring drugs in the Crawford County Jail where I'll be on weekends. But since I don't do drugs I don't have anything to worry about there. I like the "Good Time" you mentioned. I'm going to do my time and I'm going to be on my Best Behavior at all times. Thanks for your advise and all your help. The sad thing is I asked my Lawyer if I had a chance about getting out early and He didn't know. I'll tell Him about the "Good Time" article you sent me. Thanks again... Steve

Hi Steve,

The good time statute makes you appear to be eligible. So double check with your lawyer in case there's something quirky about your state that the statute doesn't reflect. I know in my state, inmates doing weekend incarceration do still accrue good time if they do what they should.

Inmates tend to want two things most forbidden, which are drugs and mobile phone.

Be careful and good luck!

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