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If someone makes a false statement about someone and it is

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If someone makes a false statement about someone and it is made to their employer in order to cause problems for that person, what can be done legally?
Hello Jacustomer,

Assuming that the statement is untrue and cost the worker his job and financial losses, the complainant may have a civil suit for defamation of character. Broadly for a suit to be viable, the defendant would have to publish a statement (in the sense of telling it to someone and makiing it publicly known) which is about the plaintiff which causes him harm and to have done so with some degree of negligence or malice. The statement can't be an opinion. It must be a fact that can be checked out one way or the other.

As for the criminal side of it, since that's where you posted this, just telling someone a lie is not, in and of itself, a crime even if it gets someone else in trouble. If he tells it to a police officer and as a result they make an investigation or an arrest of the victim of the lie, that would be a crime. If he swears it on the stand, that would be a crime too. If the liar pretends he's someone else in order to make the lie more convincing, then that would be criminal fraud and he could be prosecuted.
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